Friday, April 17, 2015

"Selfie" steps

I don't usually write about my postings, but it was brought to my attention that because this piece might get confused with graphite it wasn't chosen to be displayed in a slide with other colored pencil works - although it is made mostly with black colored pencil and highlighted with white charcoal (the hair was darkened with a bit of black charcoal). Is it because we expect colored pencil works to be "in color"? Probably. Does it make the work less of a colored pencil work though? No.
Colored pencil can be mixed with a variety of other media - like watercolor, pastel, markers, and so on, but if it's mostly colored pencil it should be accepted as so. To my understanding, mixed media would be more of a 50/50 situation, with no predominant media.
I have nothing against graphite, as a matter of fact, I work with them on occasion, but this is a colored pencil work, despite being worked only with black colored pencil.
 Thanks for reading.
#nographite #blackcoloredpencil #noprejudice